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Futuristic Thinking (Not the Sci-Fi Kind)


The future.

It’s probably one of my greatest fears. What’s going to happen? When will I go to college? Meet my husband? Join the USHJA? What if I screw up my whole future and live a life away from the Lord and spend an eternity in the fire after death? These are questions I’ve probably asked myself a few million times. It’s natural for me – I am afraid for the future and I know a lot of others who are too.

If you didn’t know already, my family and I are moving to St. Augustine, FL this year and it really showed me that I don’t know anything that the future holds! I’ve never been there, never looked at it on Google Maps Streetview, or read any books about the place. The only concrete fact I know is that the Spaniards founded it in September of 1565 and it’s the first/oldest city in all the United States.

It’s a completely new world and life for me – a new start. I’m a bit fearful of what the future in Florida holds, yet excited to start the new lifestyle. I guess apprehensive. Which is probably why I couldn’t sleep last night and lay awake for 3 long hours.

I stayed up until 11:00 trying to finish my Nancy Drew Mystery (which I succeeded at), and turned out the light. As I waited patiently for sleep, 12 o’clock came and went, as did 1 – then 1:3o when I decided to listen to the Spirit beckoning me to the Word. So, I opened it.

I opened it to Isaiah Chapter 12 – my current spot in which I read every morning. The Chapter was called A Hymn of Praise. It said that “in that day” they (children of Israel) will rejoice and live in harmony with the Lord and each other. I instantly knew that “that day” was Florida. And moving there would bring us great joy. I was comforted – God had delivered a specific message just to me and spoke his exact words to my soul! Excitingly wanting to hear more of his voice, I went on to read my Walking with Frodo Devotional.

The topic was about King Theoden and the fear he faced of the unknown war he knew he had to face. He didn’t know all the details, but he was afraid of the ever advancing future. When he was finally broken out of the enchantment Wormtongue had placed on his mind, Gandalf heavily exhorted him and together they went off to battle.

Again, God was speaking right to me – telling me not to be afraid. Florida and the future are surprise presents that we can unwrap little by little everyday.

The last little piece God gave me early this morning was Psalm 18:1-20. I won’t list the whole psalm, but I encourage you to read it! The one verse that truly stuck out to me was Psalm 18:19 which reads:

He brought me out into a broad place; he rescued me, because he delighted in me…”

My eyes almost teared up thinking that God had a message straight for me to give me hope: Don’t fear the future – it is a gift and I am saving you from something that could harm your walk with me, daughter. I delight in you and want you to be blessed in the life I’ve given you. Your future in Florida is a gift from me. Please, take it.

And one of the most amazing things about it, was that after I finished reading all I had to, I fell asleep. He kept me awake so he could give me a reassurance. I love my God.

Anyway, be encouraged dear readers! Your future has already been planned out by Christ! He’s giving it to us everyday! Little piece by little piece.

Before I end, I have to share something awesome with you that happened this week:

Horses 2016 227


Horses 2016 212


Horses 2016 217

Jumping. It was complete awesomeness.

One of the greatest rules of jumping is this: A jumper looks ahead to the next jump – never do you look down or back.

It made me think of our lives. We should always look to the future and be ready for the next adventure, fiery trial, or blessing that God’s going to pour on us. We can’t look down at the hurdle itself or look back at how much easier the other oxers were 50 feet ago. We have to look ahead to the next one and work with a team with our horse to get the job done.

That’s the other component to show jumping: Horse and rider have to work as one. If the horse has his own agenda, the rider could get seriously injured or killed. If the rider wants things her way, the horse could seriously hurt itself or go lame – breaking a bone also means death for the horse.

So here is God’s message to us girlies: Don’t look back, to the side, or down. Look ahead and embrace whatever our futures hold as gifts.

Besides, Anastasia State Park, FL looks pretty jazzy.



Emily 🙂

P.S. Just bought the pattern for my next cosplay: Legolas’ garb from the Lord of the Rings – I will try to get some tutorials up, my fellow cosplay junkies! Just hang in there! 🙂

P.P.S.      “Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different…”

– C.S. Lewis

P.P.P.S. Another awesome quote by one of my mentors:



The Camaraderie That Comes with Broncos Football and a Bag of Chicharrones

I think it started this morning – when we all woke up early to go to church. All six of us filed into the van and drove off 40 minutes to our destination. In the sanctuary, Ally and I sit with Mom and Dad – always in the middle left hand section – and began to worship the Lord.

After church, we all went to get some bagels at Einstein Bros. I wanted to try Mom and Dad’s coffee, but it was strong, nasty, and had no honey whatsoever. Ally had her own cup, but I’m positive she was trying to convince herself she liked it. I’m more of a New Mexico Pinon Coffee girl. We all had a good laugh over my utterly disgusted face.

Following the coffee scam, we drove home and Dad and I dropped off Mom, Ally, and Josh so we could go get some snacks for the big game. Yes, I do watch football. When we got to 7-11, Dad, John, and I went on a hunt for game-worthy snacks. I picked Chicharrònes (and OMG were they amazing – I’ve loved them since I was a little girl), Dad picked some chips, dip, and iced tea, and John chose a chocolate tootsie pop – which he did not save for the game.

We started spectating games at around 11:00 AM with the Panthers vs. Seahawks. I really wanted to see Russel Wilson go to the Super Bowl, but hey, what can you do when the guy throws 2 interceptions, right? The whole family was on the edge of our seats and screaming for touchdowns and crying for dropped passes. We had a very merry time – and that was just the first game!

At the end of the Seahawks tragic loss, we put the boys for their naps, and we took one ourselves. After that, we were totally hyped to see Peyton Manning rock the Steelers. I must be honest, I wasn’t very happy with him until the 4th quarter with the fumble and touchdown – plus the 2-point conversion! I think we all went hysterical when the touchdown was made! We shouted and laughed and I think Joshua freaked out at all the noise.

And yes, we are all ready to see Manning give Brady a run for his $$.

This whole day was a God-thing.

All of it: from waking up super early and laughing at disgusting over-priced coffee to rejoicing like the die-hard Bronco fans we are. And it all points to one thing: family.

When God made the world 4,000 years ago, one of the first things he did was set the stage for family – creating a man and woman to have children!

Without families, no one could survive.

Sure, friends are great to have around, but are they going to be there when you’re alone and scared? No, your Ma will – your Dad will – your sister and brothers will. As I’ve grown into a young lady, I’ve learned that although friends are a privilege, family is an even greater privilege.

Think about it, there’s some things you can do with your family that you can’t do with your friends, teachers, or elders. Would you let your brothers belch while you laugh hysterically about it in front of your riding instructor? I know I wouldn’t. There are just some things families can laugh at and joke at that other people just can’t – and that’s ok!

The point is, is that family matters to God.

God gave us to each other to laugh with and talk with and share our hardest feelings with! We hold each other up and encourage each other to walk in the Lord. After all, he is a Father. That’s why we call him the Father.

So maybe this wasn’t the longest post ever, but I really felt God pushing on my heart to put an emphasis on family for all my dear readers. Family unity is probably the most important part of life. Without my Ma, Dad, Ally, John or Josh, I’d probably be a lot different. If I didn’t have a group of people who loved me when I came home every night, I’d be a lonely depressed human being. When I put other dumb things on a pedestal, I seem to grab my family and laugh a little more.


 You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.

-Deuteronomy 6:5-9


Emily 😛                 P.S. And now, I’m off to enjoy some more familia camaraderie and finish watching                                                                               The Hobbit Extended Edition Trilogy with Part 3…

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Pride Simply Leaves Apples Out to Rot

PicMonkey Collage

One does not simply humble oneself…


    “True-hearted Men, they will not be corrupted. We of Minas Tirith have been staunch through long years of trial. We do not desire the power of the wizard-lords, only strength to defend ourselves, strength in a just cause.”

– Boromir, from the Fellowship of the Ring



I heard the shout. I closed my eyes and cringed. “Shoot – I did it again!” 

“Yeah, Ma?” I said – acting like I didn’t know what was up. The mess of Algebra and Vocabulary books, water, brown half-eaten apple, and papers spoke for themselves after all. “You didn’t clean up your mess from school.” It’s just a habit, so immediately my boxing gloves went up in defense instead of owning up. “Oh that! I was gonna clean it up – I just had to do this and that and then I had to do yada yada yada and then I was gonna clean it up. So, I really had it in my mind to do it! It was like right there,”I justified. Mom sighs.


It happens a lot in my life. Mom, Dad, or Ally tell me to do something (Ally has to ask :P), I forget, and I justify myself like mad instead of owning up to the mistake and moving on. Sometimes it makes the situation worse. My Boxing Gloves are always getting in the way.

I guess it’s a pride thing.

Most of everyone who has read the Lord of the Rings trilogy has to remember the egotistic and proud character called Boromir.

According to Tolkien, Boromir is a strong, valiant man of Minas Tirith – and the son of Denethor: Gondor’s King. A born leader and fighter of justice. He bears a large horn that blows when trouble comes.

Clearly, this guy is something special. And he certainly thought so, too.

From his first appearance in the Counsel of Elrond, he shows his interest in the Ring, tells of how great his people are and how they’ve protected many nations; in the film he confronts Aragorn and declares the Quest of the Ring folly with the famous line “…one does not simply…” (Note: I use that a lot :D)

Because of Boromir’s ignorance to heed the fact that the Ring is powerful and dangerous, his full-of-himself attitude sends him to the grave when he tried to take it from Frodo by force.

Fellow Lord of the Rings junkie Sarah Arthur put it this way:

       “…Boromir reacts to Gandalf much like the person who believes his house to be solid: annoyed when someone suggests that the foundation might be unstable. If a homeowner is wise – and humble enough to admit there might be a problem – he will inspect the matter; he will admit that something is possibly wrong. But Boromir fails to do so until there are a several Orc arrows in his chest.”

– Sarah Arthur, From the Walking with Frodo Devotional (love this book)

He seems to take after his father Denethor in that way.

In the Return of the King, Gandalf and Pippin ride to Gondor and beseech Denethor heavily to go to battle and call for aid. Denethor simply ignores these words, tries to get rid of Gandalf’s sage wisdom, and wallows in his sorrows over losing his favorite son, Boromir.

In the end, he receives the same fate as his son: death. The only difference was the death was suicide.

The Bible clearly states that a pride person will fall hard. In fact, it’s one of the seven things God hates! Yes, hates.


         These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood…

-Proverbs 6:16-17


The proud man will fall – God reminds us that many times in his word. Just like Boromir and Denethor. Alike Gandalf, God will confront us in the forms of our mothers and fathers reminding us to throw away rotting apples and shape up our spoiled, irrational attitudes. We fight for our way and try to squirm out of rules and chores put in place for millions of reasons.

Although Boromir and Denethor fail to remain humble, there is still one in their family who remains full of humility and integrity: Faramir.

Faramir is awesome. I think he’s probably one of my favorite Tolkien characters. The guy has righteous virtues, fights for the right reasons, and never raises a fuss even when his father unjustly wishes for Faramir to have died in Boromir’s place (really, that’s like wrong). Even after almost dying, he still gets up and makes the wrong right. Plus, he marries Eowyn.

In our world today, us as girls and guys, we’re mostly Denethors and Boromirs. We fight and justify our wrongs and put up our fighting gloves whenever we make mistakes and get confronted. We try to shoo away help and wisdom from our elders or even from our little sisters and brothers! In the end, we will be humbled just as those two stewards of Gondor were.

Will we be the Boromirs who don’t admit fault until we’re pierced and fallen with darts from the enemy due to our foolishness, or we could become Faramirs; eat humble pie, kill orcs and fellbeasts, and best of all, change the world!

I choose the latter. Besides, pride just leaves apples out to rot.


Emily 🙂


       In the same way you younger people must submit yourselves to your elders. And all of you must put on the apron of humility, to serve one another; for the scripture says, “God resists the proud, but shows favor to the humble.”

– 1 Peter 5:5 (GNT)



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