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Lord of the Rings Cosplay: Eowyn


Suilad, mellyn!

That’s hello, my friends in elvish. 🙂

I feel totally bad for not posting in like forever, so here’s one to hold you over until my next great topic. God hasn’t spoken to me about any specific blogging topic lately, so I’ve been waiting, listening, praying. Also, I changed my blog back to the original title – God kind of gave me a spanking about it, so you can’t really ignore that. That’s my mission He gave me: To minister about purity and my journeys through life! Edited my about page, too, so be sure to check it out! XD Thus, in le meantime:

Here is the Eowyn Cosplay tutorial! I think this is my favorite cosplay I have ever done because Eowyn is my 1st of two favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings. She smiles (unlike most characters), she’s tough, and yet she’s still a graceful young woman.

Anyway, here’s the tutorial:

Step #1 – Choose your dress

Eowyn has a good selection of dresses to choose from (I’ll list a good many, but not all – the most popular are the ones I will list), so keep your options open. There’s both simple and complicated, and I personally think she’s a very good character to start cosplay with. Here are her dresses:

Dress #1 – The Shieldmaiden


Eowyn Shieldmaiden

This was the dress I made (click here for that) and could offer the most help on. It wasn’t very difficult to make, and I used the Simplicity pattern 4940 – with a few of my own modifications. It really depends on how accurate you want your dress or if you just like the way the pattern is constructed. You can buy the pattern online (Amazon, Ebay, Sewing, etc.) or at your local fabric store (Jo-Ann, Hancock Fabrics, etc).

Dress #2 – Eowyn’s Refugee


This dress is one of the more popular dresses worn in the Two Towers – for this one I couldn’t provide any help, but I did find a website called Diane’s Costumes and Research that gives a complete run through of the how-to for this dress.

Dress #3 – Green


It was hard for me to choose either this dress or the Shield maiden. I plan to do it sometime in the far distant future. It looks like it’s made of a green velvet and has a beautiful embroidered neckline and collar. The belt is silver and the sleeves are long and flowy (what do you expect for a Middle Earth Maiden, anyway?). You could use Simplicity 4940 for this dress also (View A).

Dress #4 – Funeral


The Funeral Gown is a tranquil purple color and has the same style as all the others. Except for the collar – it goes up the neck instead of stopping near the throat. You could probably use the same pattern for this dress with a few modifications for the collar.

Dress #5 – White


This was another hard choice when picking which dress to cosplay! Again, you could probably use Simplicity 4940 for this dress. It has a bit of embroidery and a belt on the hips. It is bound by gold twine around the tops of the arms and is a v-neck unlike the rest of the gowns.

Dress #6 – Coronation


This dress is worn at Aragorn’s/Arwen’s Coronation ceremony in the Return of the King. I’m really not sure how you would make it, so if you chose this one, you would be completely on your own!! (Theme music would’ve been perfect for that) 😛 .

Step #2 – To use a pattern or not to use a pattern 

Because a pattern was made for my dress, I used it. That is my excuse. However, for my Rey cosplay I had to put a ton of patterns together for the ensemble and for some pieces, I had to make my own measurements and designs! It really depends on how you select your dress. I encourage you to get your creative juices flowing and start from scratch (it’s funner, too 😀 ) or if you’re just starting USE A PATTERN!!! As a beginner, you will frustrate yourself and your love for sewing/cosplay will turn sour (I speak from experience). However, if you’re a bit more experienced, go for it. Go nuts. Make a mock up and test new ideas. I used a mock up for my Tauriel bodice with old scraps (to test my theory first) and then once I had the design firmly set, I bought some leather look and made the official. A mock up is the easiest way to go about when brainstorming for your own, original, pattern-free cosplay.

Step #2.5 – Fabric

The fabric I used for my Eowyn cosplay was called Shimmer Satin. It’s kind of a tongue twister to say it – whenever I do I end up saying Simmer Shatin or something similar. My bodice was made out of brown butter suede – if you’re going to use it though, DO NOT WASH IT!!!!! It’s a super long hard process to wash suede, so if you’re going to, do NOT PUT IT IN THE WASHER AND DRYER!!! If you do decide to wash it, it takes a long time, so I just didn’t bother. It’s not like I’ll get arm pit stink ( XD ) on it – I don’t wear it everyday 😛 . For the trim, I just found some gold thread for that. The back of my bodice is not a zipper back – I used grommets. For two reasons: A. They don’t have zippers in Rohan. B. Grommets look better 🙂

Step #3 – Getting Accessories 

The one and only and (in my personal opinion) most awesome accessory is her sword – the sword that slayed the King of the Nazgûl! I loved that scene – she’s so awesome.


This picture shows the detail on the sword – the horses are just my thing (another reason to love her). The hilt is decorated in the fashion of the Rohirrim; honoring their horses and it just looks rustic. Eowyn wields her sword at The Battle of Pelennor Fields in the Return of the King. It is also pictured in the photo of the Refugee Gown. The sword goes for $349 on United Cutlery.

For the other props, you’d have to buy them on Etsy or someplace similar because they don’t exactly sell Eowyn belts at the store!

So, my friends, I do believe this concludes our 4th cosplay tutorial together. I hope you all find it helpful! And please, do not hesitate to ask questions in the comments log! I’d be happy to answer them for ya!


Emily Greenleaf 😛

P.S. Results from latest poll: Legolas is the winner for everyone’s favorite elf (6 votes)!! Tauriel came in second with only one vote – poor soul XD . Everyone else didn’t get votes 😦 LOL


Painted Storks, My Prayer Journal, and Will Turner


Last night I had a dream that I was sailing aboard the Black Pearl with Captain Jack Sparrow. With me was my leather, gold laced, bound journal decorated with a red fire-breathing dragon, a mountain, and the gold letters that read: The Hobbit an Unexpected Journey. I recently received it for my 14th Birthday. I showed it to the crew and told them that everything about everything was in it and that it would be our guide. Suddenly, I fell from the great vessel unnoticed and landed in the water. As soon as I hit the ocean’s surface, it became night and the Black Pearl was nothing more than a speck out on the horizon. I felt like there was a living presence beneath me in the dark waters, so I frantically swam ashore. Luckily, when I reached the bank, my Father and Will Turner were there to help me out of the water. Suddenly, they vanished after I was safely on land. I looked back out on the water I had just escaped from and saw a very large stork sleeping at the bottom of the water and taking up all its space. It rose from the depths and took my leather journal from my hands with its talons. I jumped up and grasped it and with all my might pulled it out of its claws and hit the beast square on its face. It grabbed the journal from me again and once more I took it back. This time, I hit it on its nose with all my strength and it died and sank to the bottom of the ocean in a heap. 


That was my dream. Wasn’t it great?

The End.

Just kidding. 🙂

As I looked at that very same journal this morning and wrote about my dream last night, I started to think that maybe my dream meant something. Call me crazy, but many of my dreams have turned out to actually mean something. So, I decided to tell my Dad, the one who pulled me out of the water, all about my dream. I wanted to see what he thought about it. He said this,”You know what that tells me? It tells me that your Prayer Journal is a complete gift from God and Satan wants to get it away from you because it is a source of power straight from God.” I was pretty blown, but I believed it. That bird in my dream tried to take my Journal – the Journal that had all my info for Captain Jack in it, the Journal that reminded me of what God did, does and will do. And what did I do with it? I used it to kill the beast.

And isn’t that what our prayer journals do for us? They remind us of all the amazing things God has done and we write things that God will always do and when we ponder on those things, we smother Satan’s lies.

Once, when I was going through a tough time of rebellion with my parents, I looked through my journal; I looked at the times when I wrote that Mom had told me she was proud of me and loved me. When Dad gave me my purity ring as promise that he’d always protect me until my one and only comes along :). It gave me a remembrance of what is really real.

Other times my journal has proved to be a place where I can vent straight to God. Once, when I was about 11 years old I had a terrible fight with a friend and I felt betrayed. Rumors circled around and I lost more friends. I went to my journal and told God how I felt. I cried, prayed, and wrote everything I was feeling towards my friends, towards myself.

And you know what? He heard me.

Everytime I came to Him since the age of 8 through my prayer journals with the hurt, the joy, the tears, the laughter, he heard me. And now, as a 14 year old girl, I can see all He’s done, brought me through, blessed me with. It serves as a reminder and it pretty much shuts up the Devil’s lies. When we moved from California to Colorado, Colorado to California, then California back to Colorado, all my journals I still keep and read through when I have the chance. It shows and reminds me that God is in control and he was hearing my prayers through all those times.

Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always.

– 1 Chronicles 16:11

Our prayer journals are weapons that we can not only use to kill giant birds :P, but to kill the lies and deceptions of Satan. To reflect, and to pray. Our family keeps a journal called a Joshua journal and in that journal are all the miracles and trials our family has faced together. And every year, on December 27th, we eat lamb and read that journal and add new things in it from the past year. It is a time to reflect for us.

Prayer is a weapon that God has given us to hear Him, to present requests that glorify His Name to Him, and to allow us to live in union with Him as a parent with their child.

Here’s a beautiful prayer quote:


May you be encouraged my dear readers! And if you haven’t already, I’d really encourage you to start a prayer journal! They have been such a glorious way for me to pray and reflect upon all God’s done for me! I pray that your heart will be ignited to start one and I pray that God will bless you with it as he has done so with me!

And, after this post, I’ll never look at Painted Storks, Prayer Journals or Will Turner and The Black Pearl the same way ever again! (lolz) 😛


Emily Greenleaf 🙂

P.S. Here’s a quick update on my Legolas Cosplay!

So, I finished the sewing part – everything! I also made my own belt buckle for the chest and my fellowship leaf clasp is being delivered in a few days. 🙂 Here’s a few pics for ya 🙂


My first step was to sketch my design and plan fabric, notions, etc.


Step Two was to follow the pattern with my own modifications 🙂


Step Three was cut my own collar pattern and make a base for the chest belt


Step Four was make leggings – contrast color 🙂


Step Five – Create Bracers!!!


Step Six: Cape


Step Seven: Create the belts and buckles COMPLETION!!!!! Seven means completion in the Bible – go figure…