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The Peace of God

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

– Philippians 4:7

Hello, my friends!

I do believe I promised a post explaining where I have been for the last million years and all the lessons I have learned.

Well, ok, not ALL the lessons (because that would mean I would never get this published), but just one.

Or two.

Maybe three.

Just kidding – probably just one!


I have been having one heck of an epic summer, and I hope you have been too! We moved last year to a location known as “a high desert” and I have never lived anywhere more “hot” in my life. Today it was 102° and last week there was a reading of 106°. It’s crazy hot, but it sure makes you drink lots of water, which is a habit I have been trying to acquire for many years.

Cosplay. The dreaded word that’s been ringing in my ears just like that magic bell Polly and Digory rang in Charn (the one that woke the witch and cursed Narnia for hundreds of years)! AHH! Guys, I have failed all of my cosplaying assignments. There is no Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner costume and I have not even seen Dead Men Tell No Tales yet (*emoji with face of utter frustration*). I am learning to play the Piano Guys’ new song Themes from Pirates of the Caribbean, so that covers my multitude of cosplay sins…right 😉 ? I never finished Village Belle and never saw the film (everyone probably knows why), and even my little Spider-girl project for Homecoming I never told you guys about did not happen (but I did see Spider-man: Homecoming and I thought it was really awesome). Grr. I have become so overwhelmed with school, work, and the reason my summer has been out of this world awesome:


Riding is all I seem to have done this summer, and it has been the ride of a life time.

I have trailered out to the cross country course a couple of times, went out for my first exhilarating gallop (lol when the tears start flying, Stephanie 😀 ), gave my best shot at a race across an open field,won two red ribbons at my first jumper show, have ridden three different horses, fallen off three times, and got carried away atop a runaway horse (kids, do not try this at home).

After the show, I felt completely worn. My body was incredibly sore, I was so fatigued, and I felt like sleeping for at least three days. When it came time for my next lesson, my eyes kept dropping down, the horse tripped after a grid, and I could not remember the simplest instructions or make those roll back turns. Trying to blink back frustration, I realized what was wrong.

My sickness relapsed.

Those “little” issues I talked about two posts ago (click HERE for that) were back, now they were coming in strong especially after all the hype and pressure of training for the show, the show itself, and other horsey activities. It was taking a toll on my memory which is something that has always scared me, so I did (and still am doing) something drastic.

I decided I would have to hang up my riding boots temporarily and focus on my health, because without good health I wouldn’t ever ride. That was for sure. My family has been so supportive of all my needs, and I constantly find myself thanking them for all their help! I love them so much and thank God for them everyday. Thanks, guys! It was pretty hard trying deciding to do it, and I cried a little. I was having so much fun and there were only two days (roughly) out of the week when I was not sitting atop a horse or at least at the barn.

It’s been totally strange not being at the barn all the time, but if it was not for this little hiatus, I do not think I would have had the ears to hear God or what He was trying to get my attention about. Thus, immediately after my decision was made, I decided it was time to really dig into the Word. I had been already, but now that horses was off of my mind constantly, I could probably have more of “an ear to hear” like those Jesus talked about when He spoke in parables.

Horses was totally from Jesus this summer, and He used them in incredible ways to teach me how to pray, how to seek His face, and how to be conscious of His omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent presence. Although I had become so close to Jesus during my horsey streak, I began to feel disconnected after I decided to take a break. So, I returned to that over-sized lime green moon chair and studied. Sinking and settling deep in that chair with my diffuser exhaling plumes of sweet-smelling lavender, listening to George Winston’s Summer album, and sipping roasted dandelion root tea, I learned the importance of peace.

The peace needed to hear God’s voice.

I felt so calm, so at ease, and so ready to listen. It was so quiet that the quiet was all I could hear. The lavender oils filled my nose and made me sigh and relax my shoulders. The George Winston music made me want to start laughing just from complete joy and love of life. If you want to know what the dandelion tea did, just look up the benefits of dandelion root tea – there’s a lot of benefits.

God had had enough of me just “getting it” and then rushing off. He wanted my time with Him in the mornings to be full of peace and rest. A time to embrace calm before the start of a bustling day. Quitting horses (temporarily, of course) has given me the opportunity to re-focus on the Lord and all that He’s given me. Though He drew me so close to Him during my awesome times at the barn, it was time to focus on everything else He was doing. It was becoming just about horses, but there was so much more about me that I was missing. Piano, writing, this BLOG (you guys are like yasssss), school, my beautiful books (almost done with Emma), my brand spanking new set of GenEd College Courses, our summer cross-country road trip (which I will get to in just a minute), and my awesome sister Ally who plays Nancy Drew PC games with me, cheers me on at my shows, and makes friends with all the local ducks turns thirteen next month:

Jesus has just shown me how to wind down and refocus.

Here’s to the peace of God!

“And He said, ‘My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.'”

– God, from Exodus 33:14

Peace out,

Emily XD

P.S. That cross-country trip I was talking about is happening this FRIDAY!!! I am super excited. We’re going to Chicago, New York, Boston, Connecticut, and other eastern destinations I have never laid eyes on before! I’m super excited, and I created a travel blog called The Toiling Traveler so I can blog about all of my travels! I am going to be taking pictures this trip and blogging about everything – super excited for all the yummy east cost foodies, too! Yippee! Go ahead and check it out, like my first post, or follow the newborn blog and get to hear about my awesome journey! Totally stoked! 🙂

P.P.S. Here’s George Winston’s Living in the Country from his Summer album – take a serious breather and just let the melody sweep you up and away:

P.P.P.S. Here’s some horsey pictures for you guys! Hope you like ’em! I made them look really cool with BeFunky photo editor, lol!

Epic shot of me and Sunny @ the water jump – my sister Ally took the pic! Thanks, Ally!


Me and Sunny @ the cross-country course


Fun picture of me and Sunny over our widest oxer!


Me and Sunny @ the show – 2’6 class – movin’ up there!


Me and Sunny (Sun Bun) after a great ride – it looks like she’s smiling LOL!!


P.P.P.P.S. Ok, last P.S., but has anyone seen Star Wars VIII Trailer, The Last Jedi? I have, and this is the one cosplay project that will NOT go overlooked – check it out if you have not yet:

Ok, guys! That’s all for now!

Hope to see y’all over at The Toiling Traveler!


Em 🙂


Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot 2016

Ahhh, peeps. Soak it up, ’cause here it is! I finally got to it: The Official Legolas Cosplay Photoshoot. The tutorial will be released in a few days/next week, so be prepared for more awesomeness. Other than that, soak up these photos, people. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, too! P.S. I couldn’t use my arrows for this photoshoot just because the park authorities say you can’t carry without a permit. So, I don’t wanna break the law 🙂 . Anyway, enjoy:















When your twin gets annoying… 🙂












Legolas Greenleaf Cosplay: Complete 🙂 Thank you, Lord, for cosplay.

Farewell for now (Namárië),

Emily 🙂


The World is Ahead



Property of Joshua Presidential Propaganda Campaign 2016




Property of Joshua Presidential Propaganda Campaign 2016

Hello, everyone!

I am currently organizing my little one-year old brother Joshua’s Presidential Propaganda Campaign! Oh, didn’t I tell you? Yes, he’s running for President! As our commander in chief, he promises that he will give abundant rights to babies including the right to vote! He is very passionate about his cause. He feels he has a voice that must be heard.

Just kidding.

Except for the part about having a voice that wants to be heard (ask me later about him singing in church XD )


It happens to the best of us. We all must experience change.

Look at today: our country is having a change in leadership! Right now as I’m blogging the TV displays a part red, part blue map of our beautiful country, Wolf Blitzer rambling on and on about electoral votes, and John King poking and prodding at a map and circling key areas for the presidential nominees. In the midst of it, we prepare for a change in our country’s leadership that will endure for four long years. Even in my own life, change has occurred.

If you don’t know already, Colorado is one thousand miles away from my current location. I have moved on in life as I wrote about in my last post Carried on to CompletionI won’t say to where I have moved, but I will say this: it is hard. I miss it dearly, of course. Things are different, which is imminent. Change cannot be what it is without differentiation.

It began a few nights ago. I looked out the window and gazed as far as I could; to where the sky meets the land. “Perhaps that is where Colorado lies…how I miss it…” I pondered, reminiscing and remembering the tall, majestic mountains, clothed in forests of Ponderosa Pines and piercing the vibrant, clear blue sky that is only so brilliant at the high altitude of seven thousand feet. And Pikes Peak, oh, America’s Mountain. It’s bare summit sprinkled with snow even in summer, looming its giant shadow over Colorado Springs like a mighty guardian. How I miss it.

I looked out the window for some time until I decided that it was time to start reading my book. I picked up the novel titled The Sign Above the Door written by William Canfield; originally published in 1912. I began reading and read until my eyes grew tired and until the clock read 9:30.

I rubbed my eyes and reluctantly realized that I had forgotten to clean my eyes of mascara. I wasn’t sure if I had made much of a mask on my face, but I didn’t mind much. I strode to Mom and Dad’s room, hoping to find comfort as I told them of how I missed Colorado dearly. “Mom, I…I just miss our land. The five acres. I just miss it.” She smiled that sweet smile of hers and looked at me with compassion. “I know,” she answered. “But God has wonderful things for us here! This is where he brought us, isn’t it? I know, I miss the land too…and the mountains.” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes at Ma’s words and I knew that if I were to speak a word, my voice would crack. “I know,” I said in reply. Then, breaking the silence, she laughed and said,”Hey, what happened to your eyes? Did you do that on purpose?” My hands went to my eyes and suddenly I remembered that I had smeared my mascara! I looked in the mirror and realized that I had been transformed rapidly into a human raccoon. I laughed and a tear slid down my cheek. Dad smiled and so did Ma. I hugged both of them and my heart eased. “We’re going to be ok, don’t worry, Em.” I smiled, too and looked up at each of them, my eyes behind the mascara mask glittering. Dad patted my back and I bade each of them a good night and lumbered off sleepily to bed…making a stop at the bathroom first to wash off the smeared eye makeup.

I slept and thought more of Colorado until my eyelids couldn’t hold themselves up anymore and I drifted off to sleep.

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP.  I lifted my sleepy arm and slammed it down hard on the alarm clock. Snooze, you should know, is my favorite button on alarm clocks :).  

I waited for around ten minutes before sitting more like slouching up in bed and rubbing my eyes that looked more like slits. I picked my clothes from my dresser drawer, grabbed a towel from the closet, and took my shower.

When I emerged, dressed, makeup’d, and bright eyed ‘n’ bushy-tailed, I plopped down in my over-sized lime green moon chair and picked up my Bible. What I read brought me such comfort and reminded me of my conflict the night before.


Then they said to Him, “Why do the disciples of John fast often and make prayers, and likewise those of the Pharisees, but Yours eat and drink?” And He said to them, “Can you make the friends of the bridegroom fast while the bridegroom is with them? But the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them; then they will fast in those days.” Then He spoke a parable to them: “No one puts a piece from a new garment on an old one; otherwise the new makes a tear, and also the piece that was taken out of the new does not match the old. And no one puts new wine into old wineskins; or else the new wine will burst the wineskins and be spilled, and the wineskins will be ruined. But new wine must be put into new wineskins, and both are preserved. And no one, having drunk old wine, immediately desires new; for he says, ‘The old is better.’”

Luke 5:33-39

My favorite part of this passage was verse thirty-nine. “And no one…immediately desires new; for he says, ‘The old is better.'” I felt Christ showing me what I say. I have been given new wine and I don’t desire the new for I think the old is better. And now, the wineskins of Colorado are old. I cannot try to put my new wine in the old wineskins. I must put my new wine (this new life) into new wineskins, leaving the old wineskins behind for good.

My Dad pointed out a beautiful key fact about new wineskins. The new wine does not settle in the skins immediately. It takes a long time for the wineskins to become flexible and usable. Just like with me; I’m taking time to become accustomed to my new life.

And since that morning devotion, I’ve looked at things in a different light. No longer do I miss Colorado, and I thank God for changing my heart. I have moved on and advanced in ways I never could in Colorado!

Home is behind me, and the world is ahead. I’m ready to advance.

In Christ,

Emily 🙂

P.S. Half of this post was written yesterday during the election…please note that I am very aware Wolf and John are no longer rambling and pointing. 🙂

P.P.S. I will give you a hint as to where my family and I have moved: the state is in the USA and none of its borders border a major body of water (i.e. ocean, sea, bay, etc.). 😉

P.P.P.S. Over the last few weeks since my last post, it’s kind of been a while. I’ve missed you guys 😛 . I figured that y’all deserve an update. Especially regarding October 31st and the way I COMPLETELY recreated my Rey costume (for the 31st and for Rogue One).

First and foremost in regards to cosplay: Rey. It has been revamped. So, I am going to delete the post Star Wars Cosplay: Rey until I modify it to fit my recent fixes (just like I did with Tauriel in 2015…I’m actually considering recreating Tauriel again). It is a much more professional looking costume, but don’t worry, that doesn’t mean harder to make. 🙂

Here’s a couple of pictures for y’all:




It may not look like much difference, but it was much cleaner and preppier than the original. The arm wraps I had to postpone because I only had three days (Fri, Sat, Sun) to revamp it. I also managed my hair much better:


Here’s a couple pics we took as a family the day of Harvest!


Me and Ally being dorky…that’s my lightsaber up in the top right corner…it wanted to be in the picture, too. Yes, I believe lightsabers have feelings 😛



Ma and Dad: Batgirl and Batman!!!



Tiger Josh



Allison: Wore the Eowyn Dress I made last year…



John: Spidey-man!!!


My totally awesome Darth Vader Pumpkin!!! Yes, I did carve that myself :)

My totally awesome Darth Vader Pumpkin!!! Yes, I did carve that myself 🙂

Ok, so that was more than a few :P.


Anywayyyy, I have really big news for you, guys!


My elf ears came in the mail, I’m going to the party/costume superstore to buy some spirit gum, my mom has told me that this weekend we’re heading up to the mountains to take pictures!!! I am so stinkin’ pumped! I have been working on my elf-hair stylist savvy-ness! Savvy?


Dork Alert 😛


Also, some more big news: regarding Mr. Dork Alert. Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales comes out May 2017!!! So, forget what I said about making Elizabeth’s navy costume, I’m actually doing the idea I had originally: Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner. It’s going to be so awesome; I’ll keep you guys posted 🙂 . The costume itself is generally going to look a lot like the one she wore on the island in Dead Men’s Chest (is it Dead Man or Men? Whatever). This one:



Sorry, folks, but that’s the best one I could find. There simply isn’t a full body picture of this one. 🙂 Keira Knightley is so pretty. *(You can say that again)*. Ok, I will, Keira Knightely is so pretty. XD

I’m still brainstorming for the Belle costume, so I’m not ready to give a big ol’ update yet…check out the post The Time that is Given Me for the most recent update…

So, enough cosplay updates. What about you? What are y’all gonna do about new wineskins? I’m ready to move on and let the old things pass away and embrace all things new.

 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

– 2 Corinthians 5:17

Amen. So be it.

The Time that is Given Us

But Jesus said to him, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword. Or do you not think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will provide me with more than twelve legions of angels? How then could the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must happen thus?” 

– Matthew 26:52-53

“I don’t understand.”

Those three words either:

A. Make me want to hurl


B. Make me want to cry 

   Sometimes I just don’t understand why things happen the way that they do. I often wish that I could grasp my predicament by the throat and demand cessation. Or simply say “no more” and my dilemma would cease haunting me.  

I want to believe that God works everything out for the good, and I want to believe that he has great plans for me, and I want to believe that my future is in his hands. But when circumstances “get hard”, those are the times it’s hard to know that those statements are true. It’s like my mom says:

“Real Faith in Christ is like this: you are a sponge. When times are wonderful, you soak up lots of concepts; whether good or bad, only you can say. But, when times become increasingly hard, you are squeezed, and whatever comes out is who you truly are.”

– The Amazing Mom Patty 🙂

Thus, the past few months I’ve learned this: My faith is defined by the hard moments. My story, my life, is defined by the trials and tears. If I didn’t go through the things I do and if I didn’t feel the feelings I feel, my life couldn’t be crafted and my faith couldn’t be refined. I think of Joseph:

Thrown into a well by his own brothers, sold into slavery by them, and accused of abusing his master’s wife, he was ultimately cast into prison for a crime he did not commit.

After many more turns of events, Joseph actually became second in command to Pharaoh! He ends his story by forgiving his brothers as they come to beg for food during a famine. He says:

“But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive.”

– Joseph, from Genesis 50:20

Thus, I have learned:

Nothing in my life will go as splendidly as Christ has planned if I don’t experience some type of physical, mental, or spiritual pain.

Babies cannot be born without labor pangs. We cannot have a spring without a winter. There is no harvest if there is no cultivation. There is no endorphin that comes unless you look back and see all the perplexing trials and vexatious predicaments that God has put into your life to bring you “that far.”

This week what really made me understand was this: Jesus at Gethsemane

Judas, Jesus’ own disciple comes to betray him. How? With a kiss. He kisses Jesus, saying, “Greetings, Rabbi!” And Jesus, most likely saddened, says, “Friend, why have you come?” What blows my mind is that Jesus still calls him friend. As they bind Jesus, Peter swiftly pulls his sword out of it’s sheath and cuts off the ear of the servant of the High Priest. Jesus responds:

But Jesus said to him, “Put your sword in its place, for all who take the sword will perish by the sword. Or do you not think that I cannot now pray to My Father, and He will provide me with more than twelve legions of angels? How then could the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must happen thus?” 

– Matthew 26:52-53

“How then could the Scriptures be fulfilled that it must happen thus?” How could my life be fulfilled if I didn’t have to lose so many friends? How could God write my story if I decided I wouldn’t listen and let go of Instagram? How could Christ show me horses were my passion if I decided it was too scary to get back on after falling off? How could God show me His love for me if I had decided it was too hard to follow Him?

You see, the scary and laborious things in life are the things that shape our lives from child to adult. It reminds me of something that Gandalf said:


I edited this picture myself on picmonkey hahaha XD

Frodo didn’t want the Ring. He hated the Ring, and he tells Gandalf his deep sorrow. Gandalf, (in his awesome Grandpa voice) tells Frodo that our situations are not for us to decide. Basically, we can’t pick and choose what trials and quests (love that word quests XD) we want in life. But, we can decide what to do with the time that God gives us.

One final note:

Three days ago, I was reading a passage of scripture in Matthew about Jesus on the cross.

As Jesus hung there, suffocating, breathing his last breaths, the crowd menacingly taunted him. “If you are the Son of God, save yourself! Look, He saved others, but now He cannot even save himself.”

Recently my folks and I put our home up for sale. We didn’t understand why our home wasn’t selling, and we felt taunted. That day, when I read that, I heard God tell me that those taunts we heard the enemy whisper (i.e. “why isn’t your house selling?”, “if God wants you to move, why hasn’t He sold your house?”), were just like the taunts Jesus received on the cross. But what happened three days later? Jesus rose. And God told me that in three days something awesome would happen with the sale of our home.

Today is the third day. Our house is being offered on.

I was ecstatic when Mom told me! God had made a promise to me, I believed it, and look what he’s done! The suspense was killing me, literally. Ok, maybe not literally, but mentally. XD

All I’m saying, people, is to hold on. Through the fire, the storm, the darkest night, or the coldest winter, God’s got something fantastic waiting on the other side.

Trials do hurt, they can sting, and tears sometimes come, but they are some of the greatest things you can endure! They’ve shaped me into who I am today, and I don’t really know what I’d do without ’em.

It’s like Gandalf said, we can’t decide what problems we want/can handle, but we can decide what to do with the time that God gives us.

All for now, folks!


Emily Greenleaf XD

P.S. Here’s a future cosplay…update…thing XD:

Pirates of the Caribbean Elizabeth Swann! I’m not the hugest Elizabeth fan – I mean, in my eyes she’s overrated. Plus she’s one of the biggest drama queens I’ve ever seen. I wanted to do a combo of Will, Elizabeth, and Jack, but that would take too much work {just kidding}. Anyway, I think her costume in The Dead Man’s Chest/At World’s End is a lot more…shall we say…conservative than her formal gownish contraption she wore in The Curse of the Black Pearl. However, I don’t have all negative things to say about Izz (as Jack calls her). Keira Knightley is downright gorgeous and her British accent is glamorous (and I say glamorous with halos and sparklies everywhere).



This drawing was designed by yours truly and I hope it turns out well…ha…ha…ha XD. I hope to have it done by the time the new movie comes out next year (in July, I think).


“Wha?” (and there’s the famous Keira Knightley nose flare…)

I love gifs.


Also, Disney is making a Beauty and the Beast movie that’s coming out in March of 2017! I’m not a huge fan of the original Disney Princess cartoons, but I love the actual films they’ve been making (Cinderella 2015, Maleficent 2014, and now Beauty and the Beast 2017)! Here’s the trailer:

So, I also designed a Belle cosplay for the movie in March! Here’s my design:


Soak it up, people XD – and don’t make fun of Belle’s hands in my drawing. 🙂

Furthermore, there’s Rogue One coming out in December. I’m not super excited about it, but I am excited, so I’ll probably just go to the movies as Rey. I’m not saying Rogue One looks unscrupulous, but I’m not as excited for it as I would be for Star Wars Episode Eight. You feelin’ me?

By the way, what’s with Doctor Strange? I’m just not a fan – Tilda Swinton just looks intimidatingly creepy (with no hair and all), which makes me run away, so I won’t be doing any Doctor Strange cosplays any time soon. I loved Tilda Swinton in Narnia, but again, she was given an ultimately creepy role as Jadis.

Ok, last thing on cosplay: Legolas. I’m gettin’ there peeps…we’re moving, ya know? I hope to get the pictures done THIS MONTH SOMETIME before we move. So, with that being said, I will bid you adieu. Adios, amigos!

Ok, I’m done 🙂

Actually, here’s another poll. Ok, now I’m done.

The Hobbit Cosplay: Tauriel

PicMonkey Collage

Hi! So, you all probably know by now that I am sewing a Tauriel costume and creating a cosplay masterpiece. What you probably didn’t know, is that I’m completely finished. Something else you probably want to know, is the “how?” Well, I don’t know if there’s anyone following me who sews, loves the Hobbit, and admires Tauriel’s no fear of orcs mentality. But, if there is, this is for you.

Okay, so here goes.

Step One: Dress

Tauriel can’t be Tauriel without her dress. There are four different dresses and I named each one myself with the help of a Hobbit/Seamstress savvy friend. 🙂

Dress One: Tauriel’s Spider Dress:


Same as the Laketown Dress only with a leather bodice and she threw on a scarf.

Dress Two: Tauriel’s Laketown Dress:

Untitled 2


Dress Three: Tauriel’s Archer Dress (Variation #1)

First Look at Tauriel

This is the dress she wears when she gives Legolas a scolding. You should know that I don’t like Tauriel for the disrespect she gives Legolas. He’s awesome. I wrote a whole post about it (click here for that).

Dress Four: Tauriel’s Archer Dress (Variation #2)


This is the dress I made…she wore it on the Forest River! My most favorite scene in the Desolation of Smaug! 🙂

#1 – Fabric: Satin looks really nice and that’s what I used for my dress. I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners because it is EXTREMELY fray-ish. It will be frustrating. I actually heard that the real Spider dress is made of Crinkle Taffeta and the Archer Dress is made of Suede. I don’t know where you can buy Crinkle Taffeta, though. How much fabric to get: about 4 yards. I used the Simplicity Pattern 1347 and I think I got about 3 1/2 – 4 yds. For the leather bodice, I didn’t use leather. I know it looks like it, but it’s not. It’s called Polyester Leather Look (I bought it at Hancock fabrics for like $19.99 a yard – the reason it’s so pricey is because it looks like real leather but it’s not).

 #2 – Dress Design:

I did use Simplicity pattern 1347 for the dress, but I changed the leather bodice to match the Archer Dress bodice. So, I used the Simplicity pattern 4940 View B’s bodice with a few changes. Here’s 1347 pic:


And this is 4940…view B is the Eowyn shield maiden…i think that will be my next project! Eek!!8e7bc7c1adf5f74a2bd8979a94bf681a

My bodice uses grommets and twine instead of a wonky zipper. I don’t think Elves use zippers, so I thought grommets would look more elvish.

Front of my Bodice:


Back of my bodice:


Please excuse the plaid shirt…I went to a square dance and (had the best time, thanks Kaitlin!) had to look cowgirly. More on that later…expect that post on Wednesday (10-28-15 :P)

P.S. Super cute pic of Evangeline Lilly backstage loving her archer dress…made me smile:


Step Two: Accessorize:


Most people probably don’t know this about Tauriel, but she wears a necklace! Yes, you didn’t know that. I didn’t either. You can actually see it pretty clearly in the part in Desolation of Smaug where she’s reporting to Thranduil:


I used an arrow to kind of point it out, but click on the picture and then it’ll show it more clearly! I actually bought my necklace on Amazon for a pretty good price (click here for that), and I really like it. You can buy the official one on WETA for $179.99…click on the picture to go to the link:




All the girls I know say,”I love Tauriel’s hair.” It’s so long and wavy and braid-y. I love it. I would not buy a wig – you have to pay a lot of money to get a good one and if I had to buy one, it would be cheap and would fall apart. I’m going to actually dye my hair a red like hers and just braid it. Here’s some tutorials on Youtube (doesn’t everyone learn how to do stuff on youtube now?)

Braids Inspired by “The Hobbit’s” Tauriel by LaDollyVita33

The Hobbit Hair – Tauriel by Silvousplaits


Elf Ears:
Elves can’t be elves without pointy ears. They just can’t. I recently bought a pair on Amazon and apparently the seller thought that Legolas had ears like Legolamb from Lord of the Beans! In other words, they were awful. I didn’t like them. I was recommended by a fellow cosplay blogger of Aradani Prosthetic Ears and those are the ones I plan to get after I return the Legolamb ears. Click here for that…here’s a pic:
I honestly can’t tell the difference.
These are just one word: epic.
I wouldn’t worry about Tauriel’s weapons, but I would suggest asking for the daggers for Christmas. Which is what I’m doing…debating between Tauriel’s daggers or Legolas’ daggers – either one is epicly epic (is that even a word?). I’m using my own bow for my photo shoot (when I took archery lessons, I got one for practice last year). It’s not accurate, but I think it’s better than paying $300.00 for the official one on WETA. The daggers are $179.99, so I think I MIGHT a better chance with those for Christmas.
So, that’s about it! I hope this helps and wish me luck with my cosplay photo shoot and finale!
All for now,
Emily 🙂